2024 Public Holidays in Papua New Guinea

Public Holidays in Papua New Guinea in 2024

Papua New Guinea, a diverse nation in the South Pacific, celebrates a range of public holidays throughout the year. These holidays reflect the country’s cultural diversity, historical events, and religious traditions. From commemorating independence to observing Christian festivals and traditional customs, these holidays hold significance for the people of Papua New Guinea. Below is a comprehensive list and description of public holidays in Papua New Guinea for the year 2024.

National Holidays

New Year’s Day – January 1st

New Year’s Day is celebrated in Papua New Guinea as the first day of the Gregorian calendar year. It is a time for gatherings with family and friends, festive meals, and cultural events. Many Papua New Guineans attend church services or participate in community celebrations, including traditional dances and music performances, to welcome the new year.

Good Friday – April 19th

Good Friday is observed by Christians worldwide as the day of Jesus Christ’s crucifixion and death. In Papua New Guinea, it is a solemn day of reflection and prayer. Many people attend church services and participate in religious processions, reenacting the Stations of the Cross. Some communities also organize Passion plays or engage in acts of charity and compassion to commemorate the sacrifice of Jesus Christ.

Easter Monday – April 22nd

Easter Monday follows Good Friday and is part of the Easter holiday weekend. It is a time for relaxation and family gatherings in Papua New Guinea. Many people spend the day with loved ones, enjoying picnics, barbecues, and outdoor activities. Some communities may also hold Easter egg hunts or organize sports competitions as part of the festivities.

National Day – September 16th

National Day, also known as Independence Day, commemorates the day when Papua New Guinea gained independence from Australia on September 16th, 1975. It is one of the most significant national holidays in Papua New Guinea, celebrated with patriotic fervor and pride. Festivities include flag-raising ceremonies, cultural performances, parades, and traditional feasts. Papua New Guineans pay tribute to the country’s founding fathers and reaffirm their commitment to the nation’s sovereignty and unity.

Christmas Day – December 25th

Christmas Day is celebrated by Christians worldwide as the birth of Jesus Christ. In Papua New Guinea, it is a time for religious services, family gatherings, and festive meals. Many people decorate their homes with Christmas decorations and lights, and gifts are exchanged among family members and friends. Some communities also organize Christmas concerts, carol singing, and pageants to celebrate the holiday spirit.

Boxing Day – December 26th

Boxing Day is observed in many countries as a public holiday on the day after Christmas. In Papua New Guinea, it is a time for relaxation and leisure activities. Many people use Boxing Day to visit friends and relatives, go to the beach, or enjoy outdoor sports and recreation. Some communities may also hold special events or sales to mark the occasion.

Cultural Holidays

Papua New Guinea Day – June 16th

Papua New Guinea Day celebrates the country’s cultural diversity and heritage. It is a day to honor Papua New Guinea’s traditional customs, languages, and indigenous communities. Festivities include cultural performances, art exhibitions, craft markets, and traditional food festivals. Papua New Guineans showcase their cultural identity and pride, fostering greater appreciation and understanding of the nation’s rich heritage.


Papua New Guinea observes a variety of public holidays throughout the year, each with its own cultural, historical, and religious significance. These holidays provide opportunities for Papua New Guineans to come together, celebrate their diversity, and reaffirm their national identity. Whether commemorating independence, honoring religious traditions, or celebrating cultural heritage, public holidays in Papua New Guinea play an important role in fostering unity, pride, and community spirit.

Public Holiday Date Days Off Groups Celebrating
New Year’s Day January 1 1 All
Good Friday April 19 1 Christians, All
Easter Monday April 22 1 All
National Day September 16 1 All
Christmas Day December 25 1 Christians, All
Boxing Day December 26 1 All
Papua New Guinea Day June 16 1 All

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